TI Awards dinner 2013

A great night was had at the Triathlon Ireland Awards dinner on 2 November– no aero-helmets, energy gels or Lycra on show.

The girls retained the Women’s Club Championships and generously insisted that the men get in the photo too!  Congratulations to the T3 Special Ones:  Marie Boland, Jenny O’Connell, Maire-Triona Keane, Kim Doyle, Gena Byron and Laura Shilling.

As well as the Club Championships, T3 collected an impressive array of other (women’s) prizes:

  • National Aquathlon Championships:  Age Group Gold to Aideen Allen and Age Group Bronze to Laura Shilling.
  • National Duathlon Championships:  Age Group Silver to Maire Triona Keane
  • National Triathlon Championships – Sprint Distance:  Age Group Gold to Marie Boland, Age Group Bronze to Aideen Allen
  • National Triathlon Championships – Standard Distance:  Age Group Gold to Marie Boland, Age Group Silver to Laura Shilling
  • Overall National Series:  Age Group Gold to Marie Boland, Age Group Bronze to Maire-Triona Keane, Jenny O’Connell and Aideen Allen.

In a bid for T3 to corner additional prizes on the night, Anna Rowan took part in the Plank competition and was awarded free TI 2014 membership (note, the winner of the plank managed over 6 minutes).

Mark showed an impressive transition time from table to dance floor and treated everyone to a selection of his AC/DC air-guitar struts.  The rest of us generally shuffled, deploying a variety of hip flexor stretches, front scull and catch-up arm drills.

Well done to Triathlon Ireland for organising a very impressive night and well done to the T3ers for a very impressive season!